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The Kingdom of Meselyn straddles the river Kald, a winding river that flows from the very north of the world, south into the Oselmarch, a dangerous place crawling with vile monsters. The crown seat of Meselyn lies more or less in its geographical centre, on the western shore of the Kald, the city of Olokand. Grander and more populace than any other town in Meselyn, it’s from here a dying king does his best to ward off invaders of many kinds. Losely boarderd to the east and southeast by the kingdoms Neph and Semeth, trade flows freely, hindered only by raving brigands, and the wilderness that buffers them. To the north the trees turn white with snow, and no sane man ventures further. The eastern hills are dominated by bands of barbarians known for the brutal and unmerciful tactics of their men and the beauty of their women. South of Olokand, to the east of the Kald lies the town of Valoshaw.

Valoshaw is a small town, a day-or-so’s travel from nearby settlements. It’s population isn’t large, only a hundred or so civilians. Once every year it hosts a brawling tournament, nothing fancy, just a get together of local fighters to have some fun. There’s a small prize pool of money, as well as a trophy for the winner. This year’s trophy is quite extravigant, with a few gemstones encrusting a silver cup!

The tournament is run by Farlgun, a large burly man who lives in his cousin Henroy‘s tavern. Henroy is thankful for the tournament as it draws quite a bit of business to his tavern, which has meals, beer, as well as rooms for sale. The tavern is staffed by Henroy’s wife, who does the cooking with the help of a local boy, Tennas, and Henroy’s three daughters, Stellna, Carece, and Mortha, who clean the rooms in the morning and serve the patrons in the evening.

Across the town square from Henroy‘s Tavern, named The Broken Keg, is a building that houses a chandeler’s shop and an herbalists workshop. The herbalist, Content Not Found: lisa_, buys herbs and spices and various other medicinal ingredients from local hunter/gatherers and prepares them into tinctures, potions, and other arrangements, which she then supplies to _Content Not Found: borath the chandeler next door. They share a storeroom.

Inbetween these two buildings is the town square, where the town well is located, as well as a few stalls of local farmers selling their wares. Other than this centre, there are only houses of townsfolk and the lords manner, which is to the southeast of these buildings atop a low hill.

Farmlands extend north and west, with forests to the east. Country roads lead out of town to the west and to the south.

With the tournament in full swing, the town square is bustling with foreigners buying trinkets and memorabilia. The actual brawls take place in a shallow pit behind the tavern. Although betting on fights is strictly forbiden by Farlgun, he himself has been known to bid on the occational fight, as bidding is rampant throughout the tavern. of our sessions with the Adventure Log!